Mar 14, 2010. Hello world!

It’s year 2010 and so we’re catching up and making ourselves a blog too, I gather that’s just a mere decade later than everyone else.

What I’m going (well, hoping) to post here? Development diary notes, benchmarks, educational articles, personal rants, and generally everything that comes to mind but isn’t big enough for official company news entry nor tiny enough for Twitter entry. (Too rare a-occasions, those.)

It’s obviously going to be dedicated to searching in general, with some bias to Sphinx in particular, but not necessarily always about it. This declared as a devs blog and not Sphinx only blog, we do reserve the right to make a post or three on general programming topics. Or politics. Or beautiful women. And margaritas (frozen classic one, please, and do not salt the glass).

First post!

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8 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Alexei Balaganski says:

    Why exactly are you hiding the blog’s RSS feed?

    What are you afraid of? :)

  2. daniel says:

    Great idea!

    But, where’s the RSS for the blog?

  3. shodan says:

    Oops, RSS was accidentally lost when hacking the default WordPress theme to match our website. It’s back now, thanks guys!

  4. Oskar Skoog says:

    Would it also be possible to get the full texts in the RSS feed?

  5. shodan says:

    Oskar, RSS feed is just as produced by pretty default WordPress installation. Frankly I don’t know whether it’s possible to put full text in RSS here or not.

  6. Oskar Skoog says:

    It’s very much possible in WordPress. The option is under Settings -> Reading -> “For each article in a feed, show”: Full text.

  7. shodan says:

    OK, thanks. We still need to entice people to our website though. ;)

  8. Oskar Skoog says:

    (Late reply.)

    I don’t mean to just complain, because the blog is great, but I don’t think you actually gain that much from not having full text feeds. Rather, you make it more annoying for those that want to read what you write, but have to go through extra trouble to get to the content.

    It’s the only feed I have in my Google Reader that isn’t full text. It’s extra annoying on my iPhone, where the browsing is slower.

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