Jan 10, 2013. Highlighting some changes in Sphinx 2.0.7

Can’t wait to dig into Sphinx 2.0.7? Here’s a sneak peek at some of our activities:

Issue #1382:

A diligent and devoted Sphinx user informed us that trying the search “@name }” returned syntax error in results. After some conversation it was determined that this was not necessarily a bug, but had more to do with the way that Sphinx handles characters that are not in charset_table. After some internal discussion, this issue was resolved with the hope that Sphinx will become even more user friendly.

Issue #481:

This was a popular issue among Sphinx users. It had to do with index rotate failing with preopen_indexes = 1 option (windows). People were reporting messages such as:

WARNING: rotating index ‘MainIndex’: rename ‘C:\Search\data\dvsMainIndex.spd’ to ‘C:\Search\data\dvsMainIndex.old.spd’ failed: Permission denied
WARNING: rotating index ‘MainIndex’: rename to .old failed; using old index

In 2.0.7 this will not be an issue.

Issue #1370:

They were getting along just fine… and then came MS SQL SERVER 2012. But, we are now proud to announce that in 2.0.7, Sphinx and MS SQL Server have been happily reunited once again.

Issue #1041:

Here’s an important one for all you FreeBSD users out there. Many of you were having difficulty using workers=prefork. In 2.0.7, a very important issue has been resolved (although there are still some others being tackled). For more information about this issue, please explore: http://sphinxsearch.com/bugs/view.php?id=1041

So, there’s your quick overview of what we’ve been working on. What have you been working on? How has Sphinx been helping? Please feel free to contribute your ideas/experiences at our Sphinx Wiki Page.

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  1. Andy_joyful says:

    Issue #481
    Issue #1370

    Finally, can’t wait for 2.1 beta!

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