Dec 30, 2013. Third Party Sphinx

It’s the holiday season. Everyone’s in the sharing spirit. So are we. We would like to share this growing list of third party tools (which you can find on our wiki). Check it out to see Sphinx plugins, extensions, connectors, modules and more. In this post, we’re going to highlight some of those tools and show where you can learn more.

Ivinco Software

Our friends at Ivinco develop a number of quality Sphinx extensions. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, DokuWiki.. Here are some links to help get you acquainted.


Recently, on, Roshan Batterai gave a presentation about how to ‘Enhance WordPress Search by using Sphinx’. He talked about some problems presented by WordPress search and how to solve them with Sphinx. Check it out.

Do you use WordPress? Have you run into the problems he’s described? Use Sphinx! Ivinco maintains a WordPress Sphinx Plugin. It was recently updated (12/12/2013) to be compatible with WordPress version 3.8. Need help getting started? Read the tutorial.


Ivinco announced in October that the latest Drupal module was reviewed and tested with Drupal 7.23. Need help getting started? Take a look at the installation instructions.


Ivinco also maintains a DokuWiki Sphinx component. Check it out if you need better wiki search.


Use the Joomla Sphinx Search component (compatible with Joomla version 2.5 and 3.0) and take advantage of the power of MVC architecture. This component includes 5 Sphinx Search plugins for each type of content. For installation instructions, go here.


Pat Allen: Thinking Sphinx, Flying Sphinx, and Riddle.

Thinking Sphinx is a concise and easy-to-use Ruby library that connects ActiveRecord to the Sphinx search daemon, managing configuration and searching.

Riddle is a Ruby API for the Sphinx search service. It also provides a pure-Ruby interface to defining and generating Sphinx configuration files.

Josh French created this Radiant Sphinx extension. It adds Thinking Sphinx support to Radiant pages,


Sphinx in the Cloud

Flying Sphinx lets you use Thinking Sphinx (and thus, Sphinx) for all your search needs. Learn more:

IndexDen is another option for running ‘Sphinx in the cloud’ (RESTful API, fulltext search as a service). Check it out.

Techu exposes a RESTful API for realtime indexing and searching with Sphinx. It leverages Redis, Nginx and the Python Django framework to make searching easy to handle & flexible.


Recently added

New Relic Sphinx Plugin

Yuriy Vasiyarov let us know that he built a Sphinx plugin for New Relic (if you don’t know, New Relic is for application monitoring). This plugin displays useful Sphinx metrics which allow for easy monitoring. Go to the link above to learn more.

NGINX Upstream Module for Sphinx 2.x

Reetesh Ranjan let us know that he created this NGINX upstream module for Sphinx 2.x. Go here to take a look.



The Sphinx community has made a bunch of nifty tools. Too many to present here.. See the full list here. And, if you’re aware of some that we aren’t, feel free to add them. It’s a wiki page– you can edit and add as you please.

Happy Sphinxing!

And, Happy New Year!


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