Jan 23, 2014. Sphinx 2.1.5-release and Sphinx 2.0.10-release now available

We are pleased to announce the availability of  Sphinx 2.1.5-release and Sphinx 2.0.10-release.

Sphinx 2.0.10-release

An important note: 2.0.10 will be the last maintenance release for the 2.0.x series.

The release addresses several issues, most important:

  • a memory leak in SUM() ranker function ( bug #1678)
  • a stack overflow on parsing large expressions (bug #1774)
  • proper handling of stopword with blended chars (bug #1698)
  • crash and cutoff in reserved fullscan queries (bug #1700)
  • some updates on documentation

Binaries and tarball source can be downloaded from the Archive section.


Sphinx 2.1.5-release

The maintanance release for 2.1.x series addresses several issues, the most important being:

  • expand_keywords option lost in disk chunks of RT indexes (bug #1718)
  • crash in queries to distributed indexes with GROUP BY on multiple values (bug #1799)
  • indextool fails to handle indexes with lemmatizer morphology (bug #1848)
  • network protocol issue which results in timeouts of libmysqlclient for big Sphinx responses

Binaries and source tarball can be downloaded from the release download section. Using our PPA for Ubuntu 12.04? Upgrade directly via apt.

Full documentation can be found at the 2.1.5 manual page.


A new version in 2.2.x series will be released soon, which will bring several new big features, among them increased support for ALTER command, a plugin system, and optimizations for infix searches. Stay tuned!


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