Feb 25, 2014. Sphinx 2.1.6-release now available

Sphinx 2.1.6-release is a maintenance release. This is only a quick announcement, but you should check it out if you’re curious about what bugs have been fixed.

You can find the change log here. And, for the sake of convenience, you can also find it here:

  • fixed #1882, race of periodic and forced FLUSHing on an RT index
  • fixed #1881, quorum syntax with ‘.’ as blended char
  • fixed #1880, crash on multiquery with one incorrect query
  • fixed #1876, crash on words with large code points and infix searches
  • fixed #1875, fixed crash on adding documents with long words in dict=keyword index with morphology and infixes enabled
  • fixed #1857, crash in arabic stemmer
  • fixed evaluating of LCS by an expression ranker

If you have questions about these bug fixes (or about anything else Sphinx-related), please feel free to ask in the comments below.

Happy Sphinxing!

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