Apr 21, 2014. ActionMessage Email Marketing – Powered by Sphinx Search

This blog post features a quick and interesting story from James (from ActionMessage), an early adopter of Sphinx. We met him at Percona Live: the MySQL User Conference, a few years back. This year, we asked if he would like to share his story with our community. Here it is. Enjoy!

“I’m James Briggs from ActionMessage Email Marketing in San Jose, and I have an interesting story about Sphinx Search …

I met Andrew Aksyonoff at the MySQL Conference in Santa Clara in 2008.

MySQL gave Andrew a small non-commercial exhibitor area to talk about a search engine he had written for indexing his CD collection. It was written in C++, and was fast and needed minimal resources to run.

Coincidentally, various SaaS companies, including mine, were looking for exactly the same thing to solve a common database problem: using MySQL’s built-in full-text search caused slow insert performance.

On average, insert performance was okay, but sometimes it would slow to one or two seconds each, which degraded end-user experience when saving form data.

The only alternative actively maintained Open Source alternative was Lucene, but Java requires a lot of RAM. I didn’t want to add more servers to our data center just for search – bad TCO.

So right after I went home that night, I downloaded the source for Sphinx, scanned over the manual, built the program and installed it in production – in total, it took me about an hour to go live.

Possibly that was the first time an American company had used Sphinx Search.

And ever since, Sphinx Search has powered our product’s search feature. Happily ever after!”

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