User testimonials

«After investigation of several options to increase the speed of user searches on non-full text searches, I read a lot about Sphinx. Although Sphinx is mainly used for full-text searches I decided to try it out on a non-full text DB with only attributes.

With MySQL all data was loaded into a MEMORY table (about 20 million rows), and our queries used GROUP BY and ORDER BY. In the worst case searches would take up to 5 seconds. After implementing Sphinx we managed to increase speed of the searches to at most 1 second!

– Aron Beurskens,

«We started using your product after a recommendation from Peter and Vadim at To keep this short and simple, we are 10000% satisfied. Thank you for your continued effort on developing Sphinx.»

– Aaron Kalsnes,

«I am the IT Director for aSmallWorld. We were looking for a search engine to replace a custom written Python script that provided a search service for both our member directory and forums.

Sphinx has provided a great alternative, it is fast, the API is easy to use, the documentation is clear but best of all the support for the product is first-rate. I probably asked more questions than some users and in all cases Andrew responded to me within hours, sometimes even quicker and was always extremely helpful.»

– Gareth Thomas,

«Our PDF product catalogs search engine was growing really quickly and attracting more and more users. And at some point both the increasing load and increasing amount of documents drove MySQL full text search performance down... until we stumbled over Sphinx that enabled our engine to do quick searches again. Although a free tool, the support from both other users and the developers on the forums is astonishing.»

– Yves Latour,